Products / Services

Our services are designed to provide a high level of strategic and operational consulting, training, and management support. Our services are specially tailored to the individual requirements of our clients. Our goal is to enhance an organization’s ability to identify, understand, resolve risks and threats to finally gain from every situation a return opportunity which it encounters.

We offer a very special combination of technical knowledge and operational experience, as well as the academic background and rigor of policy analysts, plus the advisory skills of business development consultants. All is based on our Strategic Operational Management – SOM – approach. It is the combination, that supports our clients to prepare, manage, and successfully respond to a wide spectrum of evolving security and advisory needs.

SOM – Training Approach includes programs towards:

– Investigative, Analysis and Intelligence Operations
– Professional and Critical Event Management
– Cultural Intelligence

SOM – Technology Approach includes tools for:

– Cyber Security Capabilities and Crisis Management
– SIEM / PSIM and Command & Control
– Critical Infrastructure Security Hardware and Software Solutions

SOM – Security Handling Approach leverage:

– Threat and Risk Assessments
– Intelligence and Knowledge Management
– Situational Awareness & Forecasting as well as Command & Control